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R & D

Lab Experiment For Improving Soil Fertility

With the future firmly in mind, Namdeo Umaji takes a keen and dedicated interest in producing sustainable, low-cost, high yielding seeds to improve agricultural productivity and efficiency. Sparing neither time nor resources, our R&D division is staffed with the most qualified personnel and equipped with the latest technology to ensure that our contribution is vital and instrumental to the future of Indian Agriculture.

Seed Processing

Processing & Conditioning

Namdeo Umaji’s Hybrid Vegetable seeds are produced internationally in countries such as Korea, Thailand, China and Italy with the aid of innovative, contemporary technology and experienced, efficient care. These seeds are then processed and Seed Coated in India to ensure the best yield for local climate, regional soil conditions and increasing seed shelf life. With a mixture of regional knowledge and advanced technology, our hybrid vegetable seeds are of a superior, proficient quality which offers Indian Farmers far greater productivity at a competitive market price.