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Prior to 1993, the distribution of pesticides and insecticides were primarily achieved through using local, low-quality products. The usage of water and chemical pesticides were exorbitant and wasteful with limited efficiency. Namdeo Umaji Industrial was founded in 1993 and was credited with introducing the efficient, low-volume ‘Inter’ spraying technology to Indian agriculture and gardening. Namdeo Umaji Industrial are the sole licensed distributor of Goizper’s advanced sprays ‘Inter’ in India and have been pioneers in Indian Spraying technology for the efficient distribution of insecticides,.

Goizper S. Coop was founded in 1959 and has attained recognition as a dominant market leader in the worldwide production of manual sprayers and dusters. Goizper manufactures advanced, highly-tested and validated products for daily usage in agricultural, gardening, industrial and household applications. Goizper exports to over 100 countries in the world, being the market leaders in many of them and are noted for their quality and efficiency. 

Inter spray pumps are easy to maintain and durable, making them perfect for the diverse and many needs of Indian agriculture. They can be readily used by women and young adults for both farming and domestic gardening as they are light, mobile sprayers, making them extremely versatile tools for any household. Inter spray pumps are Eco-friendly, easily maintained with readily available spare parts and are extremely popular for the distribution of pesticides and insecticides due to their high efficiency of water, labour and chemical usage. Each Spray Pump comes provided with a 3 year warranty period making them a popular option for many farmers and gardeners. 

Inter has been tested and verified by the Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute, Hissar and have become an unprecedented success in the distribution of pesticides in India. Namdeo Umaji Industries have delivered over 50,000 sprayers to satisfied farmers and gardeners all over India over the past ten years, with the Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corp ltd. (MAIDC) one of our biggest customers. With long-lasting durability and International Quality, Inter leads the way in India for the efficient spraying of insecticides and pesticides in your garden and farm.

Inter Spray Pumps


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